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Purpose &  Activities




The purpose of our Foundation is to create and allow activities and programs for all ages & abilities that will develop teamwork between Horse & Human for the purpose of a deeper, peaceful, harmonious meaningful connection.




  • Instruction on Horsemanship & Safety on and off of the Horse.

  • Assist, educate in developing and encouraging acceptable behavior in Horses.

  • Learn Horse deportment as a Rider and as a Handler, in the arena & on the trail.

  • Classes involving educational material & instruction covering subjects such as Breeds, Equipment, Disciplines, Basic Health & Proper Care, Signs of Negligence & Abuse, Care of Senior Horses, Horse Anatomy,  Equine 1st Aid, Nutrition & Feeding.

  • Clinics for Proper Tack Fit.

  • Addressing Muscular/Skeletal issues & trauma along with treatment.

  • Developing skills for Teamwork as well as a Group.

  • Properly Addressing and pairing horse & human skill level & personality

  • PrePurchase Consultations

  • Horse Camping/Glamping Instructions

  • To develop a pleasurable relationship with your horse focusing on teamwork

  • Safety Protocols for Horse & Human Interactions

  • Custom Programs for Special Groups (developmental & physical challenges)

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