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The Spirit of Horse Foundation
was founded by several friends that knew the Healing needed between Horses & Humans was crucial



Peering into a Horse's eyes

Feeling his presence too

It allows you to recognize his soul

Just as he does with you.


Leave yourself open to healing,

through his gentle and understanding way,

he will assist you with recovery,

giving a sense of what you need today.


Look not to his magnificent beauty,

although it will always please the eye.

Instead feel the soulful silence

a power you cannot defy.


Listen to how he is feeling,

discover his experiences too.

It will bring you closer to nature

your heart and soul anew.


You may also feel his sadness,

dont let it get you down.

Realise you are connected

through lack of any sound.


Permit yourself to heal with him,

a soul mate you have found.

This silent communication

will keep you forever bound.

*Poem by Summerskies

Peace on the paddock at sunset!_edited_e
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